Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who Am I?
Sometimes I try to think this through. Accidents passing through out our lives could identify clearly who we are, who we really are. There are those moments where we act like we never thought we could do so, when that particular case happen and the real us shows up to identify how we feel towards a certain thing. They say I am a family person, but through years I found out that I am MY family person. To make long story short, when I first met my husband I tried nearly everything to test how far would this relation go, how strong is the bond and how tough and hard is the base that i am planning to build my coming life upon. I knew that marriage is a forever relationship, or at least this is my plan. When I look over what I thought is permanent and what is temporary I know now that I was right. Then we got married, and I knew that leaving my home country, the only family I knew, the streets and my beloved home Is a big step but I believed that what am doing is the right thing to do,  it is worth the suffer that will be. And it was. And now after having two kids, who I raise alone in a foreign country, with no family and no friends, with no support that is, does anything I do is considered mean? Does standing up to my small family could be identified and defined by certain rules? Is their any thing accepted and others that are not?. I am a nice girl, people think that I am and they are right. But what people don't know is that this family is protected by myself a very tender person whose claws are ready to appear whenever I sense any kind of danger threatening the peace of this family. Can you blame me? If anybody, at all, tries to disrespect this boundary is happily leaded out of this family door. Or, is given a lesson so there is no more next time ( this rule is applied only if that person is my husband or a vital family member like our parents for example! The kids must have grandparents after all!)

If you think this is unfair to say, you should peek over your past, or look at people living around you, study their lives. You will notice story's that fill books of how destructive some people could be. It is harder for us to learn from other's experiences, but when you live the details of a certain journey with somebody, you kind of learn the same lesson that person did, the only difference will be that your pain is less. Mainly this is what I try to do, learn from other's mistakes. I am going to live once, I don't have enough time to fall into all the troubles and travel all journeys, only to learn the lessons that I will need to survive this life and the most important to enjoy living it. I wouldn't start a fire from some wood and a stone! As much as I wouldn't travel on feet, same trouble different issues!. Learning from people around us is essential. And I've watched for a long time to be aware that a family is fragile if not protected well.

Nevertheless, We come from a community where family's traditions must be cherished and passed along to the next generation, but believe me life change and sometime you can feel how unfair certain restrictions are. you can tolerate these traditions and rules when it comes to you, you alone, but when you witness this being passed to those little creatures you think different, and only then you can see how hard they were to you, only then you think that you would do anything to protect the little ones from the invasion of the  past. And this is proudly what I do. A SAHM in dubai.


  1. Written very well. Good Job.
    Feed back as you asked on the forum.
    1. Be more specific to make post interesting.
    2.Add pictures(not necessarily yours. use Google image, again to make it interesting)
    3. Readers would like to know who you are. A brief introduction on who you are, from where you are, what is your blog about etc etc.

    Here's mine , check this out it'll be great experience to share views.

    This post is touching , seems like it happens to most of us. Would like to know more about you.

  2. Thank you for this helpful comment. it is my first time and my first page and i got lost for a while in this site. but i will definitely use your advices to make the blog much better :)


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