Friday, November 25, 2011

The Fancy Town

Have you been to a place where you can find anything you would think of?, The ultimate luxurious services , hotels, restaurants, fashion brands, cars, technology items, and adventures along with the complete opposites of these and everything in between?!. Dubai is the place. It is the unique charming part of the Arabian desert, the attraction of the middle east and the fancy land in all means. The first idea that hits your mind while Touring around Dubai is that this land is a live proof that nothing is impossible! Sheikh Zayed road " a vital road in Dubai" is an alive, one of a kind road that is limited on both sides with unique towers, including the tallest tower in the world, Burj khalifa. The sheikh Zayed's towers are a standing witness of how great are the human mind, imagination and abilities.

While talking about Dubai you can't forget the palm, the huge residential area that was built over the sea, showing the great civil engineering abilities and construction in this country. The palm is huge and forming a spacious compound along with all the needs to survive living there with the facilities to enjoy a luxurious life.

Over the palm stands one of the most attractive five stars hotel "the Atlantis" that is a must see to know what dubai has to offer to it's residents and tourists.

Dubai is an ongoing daily festive place, since over 200 nationalities live here, every day is a celebration and you need more than a year to become familiar with the various traditions.

After stating all these facts about this special country, the top attraction to me that is, and to most families here is the feeling of being safe and being protected on all levels.
I know that there is no perfect place, with no defects that is," hope heaven is"! " a must note to people: follow the rules!- "(back to subject) but you can see how hard,the ruler of Dubai, is working to make this country the first target place of everybody's business and tourism plan.

We didn't know anything about this before moving to Dubai years ago. We had other motivations , I'll talk about them later, but now I am glad that we have done this step so far. And am sure my kids, family and visitors we regularly have are happy too.

The only concern that always worry me, whether my view will change after I let my kids out to the huge mix of cultures in here!. I guess I'll wait and see, but always keeping this thought in mind. A SAHM in Dubai.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What would kill me?!

What would kill me!
I was there in that huge mall the other day enjoying my upsize fast food favorite meal, which for my pleasure includes an upsize soda drink!.  Just then I remembered a program that was on television the other day, that was discussing the fact that this kind of food would kill us, then came the idea of proving their point right or wrong and I started comparing what "killing me" would mean, and how could it happen!.

 I was born in a politically unstable country, through my early years and through teenage years I witnessed three wars, in which the city I lived in was targeted. Through my early 2o's internal issues and war was happening in there too. I was robbed twice, once by "who knows whom!" and the second by a taxi driver, whose car didn't have a plate number!. I suffered a heart problem when I was nearly 20. I survived three nervous breakdowns almost around the same age. I successfully delivered two kids naturally, my second baby was out before the doctor was available at the hospital " she was stuck in traffic! That was her excuse after all" and the nurses "quoting them: don't have the authority of doing the doctor's job" so I had to do it alone, but the doctor checked on me in an hour though!, medication where I live now is another story!.

I had two car accidents, the first ended with my car hanging over a rock over a cliff, because some people decided that they can party in the street and they are free to leave the rocks they were using as seats there too. The second was in Dubai, "you can hear long stories about how adventurous and stressful driving here could get" to make long story short, a truck driver who was driving illegally on a high way was so stressed to notice my car on his right! His ignorance almost caused the death of four people, but we were lucky enough to survive it " in this country, you would love the law, cause no matter who you are and where are you, you are protected by it, and you will be fairly  judged by it too. " And I wouldn't forget to mention that I am just like any other mother have my depression moments, through pregnancy or through daily parenting load.  

So, back to the proving thing, what would kill me exactly? I do believe that fast food are not healthy and they could be the worst thing someone would eat, but as for me, in my own case, if I died while eating that huge burger or drinking my cold soda, how lucky I would be! I wouldn't consider fast food as a daily meal, but having it once in a while shouldn't make us feel guilty and worried, and of course, if you gave the crazy world around you a look you will agree with me that being killed by a burger is not that bad! If I was to die, I would chose dying while enjoying what is there in life to be enjoyed. 

Nevertheless, everyday I plan to give my kids a life with the least accidents possible and the minimum amount of inorganic food, and I guess we should all do the same for a better tomorrow. Because no matter how we lived, what we suffered is our own and they should, in no means, pay for our lessons. A SAHM in Dubai

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who Am I?
Sometimes I try to think this through. Accidents passing through out our lives could identify clearly who we are, who we really are. There are those moments where we act like we never thought we could do so, when that particular case happen and the real us shows up to identify how we feel towards a certain thing. They say I am a family person, but through years I found out that I am MY family person. To make long story short, when I first met my husband I tried nearly everything to test how far would this relation go, how strong is the bond and how tough and hard is the base that i am planning to build my coming life upon. I knew that marriage is a forever relationship, or at least this is my plan. When I look over what I thought is permanent and what is temporary I know now that I was right. Then we got married, and I knew that leaving my home country, the only family I knew, the streets and my beloved home Is a big step but I believed that what am doing is the right thing to do,  it is worth the suffer that will be. And it was. And now after having two kids, who I raise alone in a foreign country, with no family and no friends, with no support that is, does anything I do is considered mean? Does standing up to my small family could be identified and defined by certain rules? Is their any thing accepted and others that are not?. I am a nice girl, people think that I am and they are right. But what people don't know is that this family is protected by myself a very tender person whose claws are ready to appear whenever I sense any kind of danger threatening the peace of this family. Can you blame me? If anybody, at all, tries to disrespect this boundary is happily leaded out of this family door. Or, is given a lesson so there is no more next time ( this rule is applied only if that person is my husband or a vital family member like our parents for example! The kids must have grandparents after all!)

If you think this is unfair to say, you should peek over your past, or look at people living around you, study their lives. You will notice story's that fill books of how destructive some people could be. It is harder for us to learn from other's experiences, but when you live the details of a certain journey with somebody, you kind of learn the same lesson that person did, the only difference will be that your pain is less. Mainly this is what I try to do, learn from other's mistakes. I am going to live once, I don't have enough time to fall into all the troubles and travel all journeys, only to learn the lessons that I will need to survive this life and the most important to enjoy living it. I wouldn't start a fire from some wood and a stone! As much as I wouldn't travel on feet, same trouble different issues!. Learning from people around us is essential. And I've watched for a long time to be aware that a family is fragile if not protected well.

Nevertheless, We come from a community where family's traditions must be cherished and passed along to the next generation, but believe me life change and sometime you can feel how unfair certain restrictions are. you can tolerate these traditions and rules when it comes to you, you alone, but when you witness this being passed to those little creatures you think different, and only then you can see how hard they were to you, only then you think that you would do anything to protect the little ones from the invasion of the  past. And this is proudly what I do. A SAHM in dubai.

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