Saturday, November 19, 2011

What would kill me?!

What would kill me!
I was there in that huge mall the other day enjoying my upsize fast food favorite meal, which for my pleasure includes an upsize soda drink!.  Just then I remembered a program that was on television the other day, that was discussing the fact that this kind of food would kill us, then came the idea of proving their point right or wrong and I started comparing what "killing me" would mean, and how could it happen!.

 I was born in a politically unstable country, through my early years and through teenage years I witnessed three wars, in which the city I lived in was targeted. Through my early 2o's internal issues and war was happening in there too. I was robbed twice, once by "who knows whom!" and the second by a taxi driver, whose car didn't have a plate number!. I suffered a heart problem when I was nearly 20. I survived three nervous breakdowns almost around the same age. I successfully delivered two kids naturally, my second baby was out before the doctor was available at the hospital " she was stuck in traffic! That was her excuse after all" and the nurses "quoting them: don't have the authority of doing the doctor's job" so I had to do it alone, but the doctor checked on me in an hour though!, medication where I live now is another story!.

I had two car accidents, the first ended with my car hanging over a rock over a cliff, because some people decided that they can party in the street and they are free to leave the rocks they were using as seats there too. The second was in Dubai, "you can hear long stories about how adventurous and stressful driving here could get" to make long story short, a truck driver who was driving illegally on a high way was so stressed to notice my car on his right! His ignorance almost caused the death of four people, but we were lucky enough to survive it " in this country, you would love the law, cause no matter who you are and where are you, you are protected by it, and you will be fairly  judged by it too. " And I wouldn't forget to mention that I am just like any other mother have my depression moments, through pregnancy or through daily parenting load.  

So, back to the proving thing, what would kill me exactly? I do believe that fast food are not healthy and they could be the worst thing someone would eat, but as for me, in my own case, if I died while eating that huge burger or drinking my cold soda, how lucky I would be! I wouldn't consider fast food as a daily meal, but having it once in a while shouldn't make us feel guilty and worried, and of course, if you gave the crazy world around you a look you will agree with me that being killed by a burger is not that bad! If I was to die, I would chose dying while enjoying what is there in life to be enjoyed. 

Nevertheless, everyday I plan to give my kids a life with the least accidents possible and the minimum amount of inorganic food, and I guess we should all do the same for a better tomorrow. Because no matter how we lived, what we suffered is our own and they should, in no means, pay for our lessons. A SAHM in Dubai


  1. Your post suggested that often circumstances beyond our control are potentially more deadly than the choices we are powerful to make. I will simply add that my MIL has suffered from severe medical obesity and its attendant psychological and physical complications for the past 25 years because she made a choice to heal her depression through cooking and eating fatty/sweet/larger quantities of food on a regular basis. Her choice has affected her children in ways that she would have been horrified at 25 yrs ago (she is one of those "martyr" mothers). When I visited her in hospital due to lung failure during a common cold about 4 yrs ago, she turned to me and said, "I have not been wise about my eating habits, which I always had the choice and control to change."

  2. Am sorry for her sufferings and her family's. Unfortunately these accidents happen to everybody. it is not the abuse of food only. cigarettes, alcohols, soda drinks, even medicine abuse will open a more painful door to death while suffering. it is never OK to abuse anything in this life, always be fair to your body and to your soul. and while being fair to ourselves, we shouldn't get too worried about it, a little bit of life goods is good and healthy, being too worried sickness some people.
    I pass again my sadness for what your family passed through, hope that won't make any of your family members abuse anything to hide his/her feelings. Enjoy living and Enjoy reading :)


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