Friday, November 25, 2011

The Fancy Town

Have you been to a place where you can find anything you would think of?, The ultimate luxurious services , hotels, restaurants, fashion brands, cars, technology items, and adventures along with the complete opposites of these and everything in between?!. Dubai is the place. It is the unique charming part of the Arabian desert, the attraction of the middle east and the fancy land in all means. The first idea that hits your mind while Touring around Dubai is that this land is a live proof that nothing is impossible! Sheikh Zayed road " a vital road in Dubai" is an alive, one of a kind road that is limited on both sides with unique towers, including the tallest tower in the world, Burj khalifa. The sheikh Zayed's towers are a standing witness of how great are the human mind, imagination and abilities.

While talking about Dubai you can't forget the palm, the huge residential area that was built over the sea, showing the great civil engineering abilities and construction in this country. The palm is huge and forming a spacious compound along with all the needs to survive living there with the facilities to enjoy a luxurious life.

Over the palm stands one of the most attractive five stars hotel "the Atlantis" that is a must see to know what dubai has to offer to it's residents and tourists.

Dubai is an ongoing daily festive place, since over 200 nationalities live here, every day is a celebration and you need more than a year to become familiar with the various traditions.

After stating all these facts about this special country, the top attraction to me that is, and to most families here is the feeling of being safe and being protected on all levels.
I know that there is no perfect place, with no defects that is," hope heaven is"! " a must note to people: follow the rules!- "(back to subject) but you can see how hard,the ruler of Dubai, is working to make this country the first target place of everybody's business and tourism plan.

We didn't know anything about this before moving to Dubai years ago. We had other motivations , I'll talk about them later, but now I am glad that we have done this step so far. And am sure my kids, family and visitors we regularly have are happy too.

The only concern that always worry me, whether my view will change after I let my kids out to the huge mix of cultures in here!. I guess I'll wait and see, but always keeping this thought in mind. A SAHM in Dubai.

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